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Are you a Musician who needs Publicity or Popularity.

We can make your music be heard! The Music Industry is very competitive and full of Great Opportunities. With the Right Means to promote yourself and your Music, you’re definitely on the Right Path to Become a Super Star.

Hitzbitzgh is your Best Solution to Make Wave in the Music Industry and Stuff.

Do you have a Track and you want the World to listen to? Then Let the Hitzbitzgh.com Team do the Work for you with a little Token.


We Offer the Best Services to Our Artists and Many More, you will be Glad Hitzbitzgh Promoted your Music and stuff.

Site Users can Download your Music to their Device with just a Single Click, Our Downloading is not complicatedWith the Facebook Share, Tweet and other Share Buttons, You can easily Inform others about your Music.Your Music Link will be posted on Hitzbitzgh.com and will remain there for as long as the Website runs. That means your Music will be Open to about 90,000+ monthly visitors.It will be posted on our Social network platforms, On our Facebook Fan page with over 40,000 Active Fans, Twitter, our BBM channel and our Whatsapp broadcast.Your Music and your details will be indexed on Google and other search engines like Bing search engine and anyone who searches for your song using a search engine will find it..

We know you are already interested in Promoting your music on Hitzbitzgh.com.

Kindly Follow the Procedure Below to Get Started.

How can i promote My Music on Hitzbitzgh.com?

We Charge a fee of 100 Ghana cedis per song and 120 ghana cedis per video to promote your Music on Hitzbitzgh.com We currently accept Payments via our MTN Money account and Bank DEPOSIT (Contact us for other options).To get the payment information, please contact +233558445111/+233570587299 or email [email protected] Your Music to whatsapp line +233274806116 or email [email protected] attaching the followingArtist Stage NameSong TitleClearly indicate anyone who featured on the songSong Cover Art/ High Quality Photo (Not Something Taken With a Phone)

Your music will be uploaded within 24hrs of confirming your Payment.

Looking forward to hearing from you….

Grab your phone and give us a call: +233 570587299/+233550526198/+233591768676 or
Whatsapp +233274806116/+233263865230

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