Don’t Be Ignorant Or Distracted As The World Is Closing Up By Stacy M. Amewoyi

People have cultivated a means of making the word of God so unpopular that, a niche have been calved of them being godly but denying the power thereof. We do believe in all the good promises the good book has for us but we fail to understand that, that same book tells us of the second coming of Christ.
We go about being misled by the things of the world so much that, we forget who we are as strangers of the land who will be going back to our kingdom after we die. Jesus says He is with us till the end of time but we forget the mystery behind that saying.
It only means that, He keeps watch over us day and night and nothing you do is hidden from Him. In the darkness where you believe no one sees you, His light shines so brightly that no darkness can invade, not even where you think you are not seen; He is there.
When you are injecting your body with the drugs or sniffing them, going for implants, cheating at work, stealing, treating others wrongly, etc. He is there. But most amazingly He loves you so much that, His grace, still is sufficient for you only if you turn to His direction.
You say, we keep saying He is coming but He never is, hence you have thrown away all your biblical knowledge substituting it for things of the flesh. I met an old friend who was very anointed, who even stood on the pulpit proclaiming the good news.
Today, he tells me there is nothing like anointing and the bible is just a fiction. All because he is now a fraud who talks to men abroad pretending to be their girlfriend. He is frowning upon the Holy One to satisfy his selfish desires but God is watching.
The excuse that this generation believe that we are in the end times but we are not, is such a cabal. It’s very easy to prove invalid, if the person just took some time to really understand the wise.
Just because people were wrong in the past, doesn’t invalidate the people in the present. But there are a lot of reasons why we should not be informed by things of the world but look to God for directions.
He loves us, and is showing us signs and wonders, His children should focus on but the world is distracting us. We live in our own bubbles, being oblivious to what is going on around us.
We are taught to only focus on what is going on in our lives and the things that we like, thus, very easy to be ignorant or distracted by the things going on around the world.
We are so distracted by sports, fashion, culture, politics etc. that, the world is heating up fast for its end, and before we will be made aware of it, it might have been too late.
Take a look at the wild fires along the west coast of America with dozens of wild fires ignited across the state burning rural and suburb communities. This is in connection with Revelation 8:7.
With smoke covering up the skies giving it an orange like look, people still can’t figure out that, there is something wrong. Therefore, our leaders, looking at the weather condition, will only call it climate change. A lie, when unraveled earlier will bring us all to safety.
In Matthew 24:3, Jesus, in briefing His disciples about the end times, He mentioned, wars and rumors of war. Well, on the international continent, there is a war on the India and China border after their war forty-five years ago.
Beijing and Taiwan are also at each other’s throat as China and USA are joining soon. Funny enough, we will be distracted but don’t be distracted. Check out Iran leaders trying to assassinate the US ambassador and Trump’s response to that.
Economic problem is approaching as well, as the stock market is slashing. The more the dollar is printed the more inflation is rising, and if the USA is hit so will the world be affected by it.
In the Middle east, Israel and UAE, have signed a peace treaty but it’s not peace at all. Read revelation 13:7-8. It is about the beginning of one world religion, which will entreat the world to just one worship.
Those who don’t believe this, should go back and read their bibles because all of this is happening right under our noses. The people involved are not the antichrist, but they are just laying the foundation for the antichrist to appear.
But God loves us and even with this medium together with what is preached to you at church, He is admonishing you to repent. Jesus is our only hope, do not be steered by this world, be very careful with what you are paying attention to, stay focused on your relationship with the Lord.
Turn to your soul and do not be carried away with the cares of this world. Everything seems to be moving strategically towards, this new world order. If you don’t pay attention you are running into the traps of dying in your sins or accepting the mark of the beast.
You need to get smart, be kingdom focused on the things above and not those on earth. It’s time to get serious and live in reality for our father in heaven, do not let football or basketball, money or selfishness, political or racial movement distract you.
Be smart, be faithful, be convicted, be courageous be a believer for your time is almost up. The world is changing our money system, and it’s to be controlled by good old fashioned American company.
There is nothing you can do about it, just prepare mentally and know who to put your trust in. Our education is not really put in place to educate us, but to distract us and make us dependent citizens of the world that they are quietly building around us.
From 1G phone calls to 2G texting, then 3G web browsing and 4G video streaming. Now, there is the 5G which promises to make all of that faster but maybe more importantly make room for flood of new gadgets like self-driving cars, smart homes, traffic lights, weather sensors, security cameras etc.
With 5G, all of them can be connected at the same time without causing a traffic pile up data. There are these three characteristics of 5G which makes it a potential game changer.
First, unlike 4G, 5G phones are faster. Its high speed is built together with its setup, unlike and they are more consistent. It’s also agile, which is low latency. It means time between you asking to play the video and the video starting to play is much shorter.
That’s the big deal for driverless cars which will be reacting to traffic warnings and other alerts from the network. It has endurance, when its set up for communicating with sensors, 5G networks don’t make devices use as much power to communicate.
5G towers have been put around the whole world in 2020, never was it told the general public neither did any of you notice because of the distractions set in place for this to happen.
You cannot stop bible prophecy, your time is limited in regards to making choices, repent now, for your time is up. There are extremely dark days ahead but 2 Peter 3: 10-18 tells us to have the knowledge of God and not to live in fear but abide in the words of Ephesians 5: 15-17.
Just as social media have come to stay, so will this. But as to how you manage this, will set you free. Those who have ears, let them hear.

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Salia Ahmed (Promoter Koolic) http://www.hitzbitzgh.com Ghanaian Publicist and Brand expert based in Accra,Ghana. In 2010, promoter Koolic started professional public relations with Accra Based record label,HnBb Music,Promoter Koolic is the founder of Brainstorm Promotion,an entertainment service provider in the area of public relations,branding,production and consultation. Between 2013 and 2016,Promoter Koolic worked with Rivers fm and Brainstorm Studios. He is serving a number of boards in various capacity helping promoting show business in Ghana. He currently works with a good number of brands and artistes in Ghana and other parts of Africa and Europe. Mobile:+233570587299 E-mail:[email protected]

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