Moesha speaks for the first time after repentance and mental breakdown brouhaha

Moesha Boduong has finally spoken after going silent amidst her repentance and mental breakdown brouhaha.

After announcing her repentance, the actress was said to have been hit with a mental challenge, hence, acted weird to sell and give out most of her belongings in the name of being born again.

A video of the actress confessing to nearly committing suicide and pimping young girls to rich men also surfaced. In the video below, she disclosed she has sold her Range Rover.

In new audio that has surfaced, Moesha Boduong could be heard speaking about her new life in a conversation with Aisha Modi, who has been supporting her through her predicament.

“Aisha pray for me, I am here and they have been praying for me but I am always craving food. Today I want chicken, the next day I want goat meat, God says I should tell you that you are pampering me too much,” she jokingly said.

Ayisha Modi

Further, into the conversation, Aisha Modi was brought to tears whilst hearing Moesha is now sound and speaking very well. “Aisha when I step out I hope you follow me to do the work of God,” she said but Aisha only responded with a deep sigh expressing her shock.

Speaking with a trembling voice, she said “awww Moesha” and the actress laughed before continuing that “Aisha thank you so much I want to make you laugh, I know you’ve been praying for me”.

Moesha Boduong went on to detail what she will be doing when she eventually comes out as she assures Aisha Modi that she is now healthy. Hear it all from her in the video below.

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