“I Am The Queen Of BJs” – Stephanie Benson Proclaims After Saving Someone’s Marriage [VIDEO]

Ghanaian UK-based singer, Stephanie Benson has declared herself a queen when it comes to BJs.

The 51-year-old mother of five is said to have saved someone’s marriage from hitting the rocks when he practised one of the numerous sex tips she shares on her social media platforms.

The ‘inventor’ of “The Velvetine Rub Technique” said she knew she had become a force to reckon with when “a husband” –out of the usual female clients– called to thank her for saving his marriage.

According to Stephanie, she does not teach just anyone because of competition.

“I am a self-proclaimed [sic] Queen of The BJs. “The Velvetine Rub Technique”. I get many Thanks from Ladies but when a husband DMed to thank me for saving his Marriage, then I knew, I AM THE GURU of BJs. I have to love u to teach u though. Too many haters.”

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