According to Mfodwo, GMB 2021 Bono Region representative, the pageantry is a comprehensive package that nurtures, aided and taught to impact lives.
Eva Afia Mfodwo, who goes by the stage name Mfodwo, detailed why she chose TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful as the best stage to propel her project. She believes that the GMB platform would help her achieve her goals as she hopes to impact society.

Mfodwo – Bono Region
“I believe that the GMB platform is a very huge one where potentials are nurtured, and confidence boosted for young girls. To gain the necessary exposure, step on the world stage and impact lives and society positively. And I want to be part of this great experience. That is why I am here.
“It is a whole package. You are nurtured, you are helped, and then you are taught to impact lives and society.”
Mfodwo wants to give orphan girls the opportunity to explore their options free from financial constraints. Mfodwo revealed that young orphaned girls are married off early to reduce the financial burden on their families. This stifles budding careers as girls are withdrawn from school to satisfy their marital obligations.

Mfodwo – Bono Region
“I am particularly passionate about girl child education, especially the orphan girl whose education can fall down the drain after losing her parents. Orphaned girls would be the primary beneficiaries. Where I come from, when you up, all you will think of is getting married and starting a family, especially women. And what makes it worse is when you lose your parents as a woman. That means you could even be married off early. So I see the need that no matter what, even if you have lost your parents, you can aspire to be who you want to be. Pursue that education that you want to and get to wherever you want to go. It is possible.”

25-years-old Mfodwo comes from Drobo in the Bono region of Ghana. She is a graduate of the University of Ghana 2018 year group, where she holds a degree in BA Political Science. Currently, she is working as an administration and an entrepreneur. She aspires to be a lawyer in future.
According to Mfodwo, her personable and approachable nature sets her apart on the path to winning the crown. She believes these are qualities that every change-makers should possess.

Mfodwo – Bono Region
She said, “I believe that if you are fighting for people, as I said earlier on, people would want someone who has been where they are. People who have felt what they are feeling. So if they think you can put yourself in their shoes and fight for them, they believe in you. So I think it makes me stand out.”

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