Hushpuppi Was Used By North Korean Hackers To Steal America’s Money But He Never Knew

Nigerian Investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has provided an update on the ongoing Hushpup[pi case and the reason he is seeking a plea deal with the US authorities.

According to Kemi, the North Korean hackers were sponsored by their government to hack into computer databases of American government agencies and steal their monies and the Koreans used Hushpuppi as the by-proxy to get to the Americans without his knowledge.

She wrote: This is one of the main reason Ramon Abass had to do a plea deal. About $300M of the money he laundered for Galeb Alaumary was for North Korean hackers. HushPuppi was a byproxy😲 The North Korean hackers were state sponsored who wanted to show America pepper 🌶️ that they could hack into their government systems. Sadly when they got onto HHS Department of Health and Human Services computers for #covid19 ventilators, that was a sign that they could get into anything. That cash was $100M. Alaumary already got caught by the FBI and HushPuppi’s greed caught him. $30M was for him $70M for Alaumary’s boys. But hush double-crossed them all and the North Koreans and Romanian hackers contacted the FBI to end the global scam. They tracked HushPuppi and arrested him. Hush was used to move money for an enemy country but didn’t know. When you do something by proxy, you arrange for someone else to do it for you. Those not attending the meeting may vote by proxy. With North Korea involved, it got POLITICAL. TRUMP wanted Abass nailed! He got it. This is why he was NOT held in a prison instead with the US Marshalls.

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