Best Date Rush Couple Set To Release A Song Together

Date Rush reality show couple Makrooneey and Kondon are set to release a song together.

The couple, who are known to be the most romantic and loving from reality made the release known to the public through posts on social media


The title of the song set to be released in “You and I”


Are they the best couple from the show so far? I will say yes

Let’s do a short recap

Makrooneey’s entrance to Date Rush was soo romantic that all the ladies could not resist watching him as he performs a love song he composed.

Surprisingly Makrooneey came on stage with 11 flowers in his jacket for all the single ladies. Upon getting on the stage, Makrooneey, who is now known as Mr. Romantic, romantically gifted each of the single ladies a flower.

All of the ladies were surprised to receive flowers from Makrooneey because no guy has been such romantic on the reality show This secret gift was able to attract all the ladies after his first profile video.

The romantic nature of Makrooneey, however, reflects in most of his songs. Is Makrooneey the most romantic man in the world? obviously yes and he has proven it in his relationship with Kondon

Makrooneey and Kondon have been seen several times proving to the world how romantic their love relationship has evolved after meeting on Date Rush.


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