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Comparison Between What Was Written About Akans and That Of Ewes In The New Textbooks Hit Online, Cause Uproar As It Showed Clearly -[SEE THE COMPARISON]

The uproar around what is termed as ‘offensive texbooks’ seems never to end anytime soon as Ghanaians have taken upon themselves to compare what was written about Akans and that of Ewes.

As we all know, Education has the effect of nurturing the minds of the young so that they grow up to the knowledgeable and problem solvers.

However, Ghanaians have become increasingly worried about the new content being added to the syllabus that students in schools, especially at the basic level use.

Many Ghanaians are calling that there must be strict enforcement of review and verification of new information before it is added to be passed as learning material.

Many of the readjusted content that Ghanaians have been complaining about is with regards to the identity and personality traits of the Ewes.

Many Ghanaians have commented that most of the new information provided about Ewes is those that are demeaning.

However, some other groups of people who wanted to find out if the new changes were also reflected in other regions thus took to find out what was written about other ethnic groups.

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