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Ewes In Ghana Teamed Up to Go Burn Textbooks At GES and Ministry Of Education 

A piece of information picked up has it that some people supposed to be Ewes are teaming up to picket Ghana Education Service and The Ministry of Education.

In more detail, GhSplash reported that Edem Agbana who is championing this course has threatened to lead people to burn the Controversial textbooks.

This issue of offensive passages in the new textbooks targeted at the EWES tribe have been extensively talked about.


The textboos, the English Primary 4, authored by Okyere Baafi has been condemned for stereotyping Ewes as juju people.

A sentence in the book reads
Efo agreed and prepared juju for the players“

Another one authored by Badu Nkansah on Creative Art  have a text, stereotyping Ewes as inward. 

Edem Agbana says they will meet at the Ghana Education Service headoffice to burn the book. 



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