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Ghanaian Female Social Media Influencer’s [email protected] Pictures Hit Online and Cause Confusion -[SEE PHOTOS]

The atmosphere on social media has taken a different after bad pictures of an influencer dropped.

Also, Gyata Shoa and Kwadwo Piano have received the mockery of their lives on Twitter for impregnating their girlfriend Annie Love.

Recall that both Gyata Shoa and Kwadwo Piano engaged themselves in a serious banter as to whether who is the true lover of Annie after pictures of both guys with the same lady popped up.

However, a netizen prophesied that @Annie_love’s behavior will lead to pregnancy for one of the guys.


Well, a few months after the prophecy, Annie has indeed gotten pregnant and Gyata Shoa and Kwadwo Piano are confused as to who is responsible for the pregnancy.

This has led to several controversies on Twitter, making the two rivals top Twitter trends over the past few hours.

Meanwhile, Annie’s naked photo in one of the guy’s rooms popped up.

jon 22

This has created a lot of controversies on Twitter, making the two trend for over 12 hours while’s Annie’s naked picture in one of the guy’s room was also released



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