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Big Drama As Married Woman Gets Stuck With Boyfriend During S.£.x -[WATCH VIDEO]

HITZBITZGH has seen a viral footage that captured the moment a massive drama ensues as married woman gets stuck with boyfriend during adult game-play.


This video has attracted much attention and attracted mixed reactions from social media users, as many consider this as unusual act.

It also has become the trending video on the information superhighway, thus the internet ever since it hits online.

A video circulating on social media reveals a couple stuck together while having some good time during s.£.x.

It is not clear when and where this incident took place but understands it is somewhere in Africa.

Usually, in African cultures, it is believed when the situation is like this, the woman’s husband might have locked his wife’s privates so that no one else besides him should sleep with his wife.

From the video, the stuck couple can be seen struggling to move and screaming out of ‘pain’.

The people around are trying to help and some can be seen holding “juju” which many believe might help as this incident is ‘cultural’.

However, the woman got more backlash from the incident as the reactions on social media described the incident as an act of God to punish infidelity.

Others who reacted on social media believed that a medical condition must have been responsible for it with such incident not new to even the civilised world.

Well, watch the video below :



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