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Meet The Man With The Natural Biggest and Longest Pen!s In The World — [See Photos That Confirm]

Meet The Man With The Natural Biggest and Longest

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is a Mexican with supposedly largest pen!s in the world.

According to reports, his pen!s measures about 18.9 inches.

The sad part for Roberto Cabrera story is that, women are scared to have sex with him due to his gargantuan manhood, something which has rendered him lonely.

As a result of his loneliness, he wants his manhood to be classified as a disability as his genitalia getis in his was a lot.

Roberto Cabrera’s manhood hangs down below his knees. A doctor who examined Cabrera’s manhood explained that the main part of the manhood is just over 6 inches long and the rest is extra skin. Checkout an X-ray of how huge his manhood is just in case you are doubting.

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