Meet Danny Erskine A Multi Award Winning Actor And Promoter


Danny Erskine is a multi Award winning Actor with a heavy career starting from 1994. He graduated from one of the top drama schools in the United kingdom, Sylvia young Theatre School. In 1994 Danny appeared in the longest BBC Opera Eastenders from then on Danny was offered a number of roles in TV and film such as the British Police TV series The Bill, the BBC soap opera Holby City, the American hit film The Bourne Identity. Danny had a very successful career in the United states after he appeared in the Bourne Identity he worked on some TV shows like the American comedy series Let’s Get Together and the U.S smash hit comedy One On One.

1995 Danny was offered a Music Contract by WEA Records ( Wanner Music Group) his role was Music Production and Marketing after working with WEA for three years Danny signed to Telstar Records a record company that had other top names on the label like Victoria Beckham, Mis – Teeg, Alicia Dixon, Craig David and East 17. Danny was with the label for only a year due to the record company going into administration, the deal was a two album deal and Telstar Records managed to release one song called All Knight Long featuring K Mag. All Knight Long became a massive hit in Uk, it was a top ten hit ending at No. 7 in the national charts. Danny has made waves in the Nollywood film industry from UK, he was casted as the lead Actor for the first Nollywood UK Chrtistan movie Purity Of Heart, the film opened the way for Danny Erskine and he went on to star in thirty two production, most of the films went on to the Nigerian platform Iroko Tv and African Magic Nigeria. In 2015 Danny was the only Nollywood Actor from the UK to win two Awards in the same category for his role as Dr Henry in the movie titled Murdere In Law and for his role as DJ OK in the movie titled Saving Grace.

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Danny is the co founder/ C.E.O and vice president of NELAS ( Nollywood Entertainment and leadership Awards. The Awards is the most successful event in UK and NELAS received an Award for Best Organized event of the year at Panache Awards 2017.


True African Awards 2014 : Best Actor Of The year.

Zafaa 2015 : Best Actor Of The Year ( Saving Grace )

Zafaa 2015 : Best Actor Of The year ( Murdere In Law )

De Queen Awards 2015: Best Nollywood Actor of all time.

De Queen Awards 2015: Best Supporting Nollywood Actor.

CAFA Awards 2015 : Recognition in the film industry.

Head To Head Awards 2015: Best Promoter Of The Year.

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Beffta Awards 2015: Best Cameo performance.

Nollywood Awards Germany 2016: Recognition for outstanding Entertainment.

CA Awards 2016: Best Radio Show, Tea Time With Danny Erskine, The Celebrity Show.

CA Awards 2016: Best Promoter/ Publisher Of The year.

CA Awards 2017: Best Actor Of The Year

CA Awards 2017: Best Promoter/ Publisher

DBE Music Awards 2017: Best Music Producer.

Gala Night Awards Germany 2017: Recognition in outstanding international Entertainment.

The Socialite Magazine Awards 2017: Best Media Company, Danny Promotional Media UK.

DBE Music Awards 2018 : Best Promoter Of The Year

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