It will be one in a thousand moment when an orphan in Africa to be précised Ghana, given a free tuition from pre-school to the tertiary cum a secured job after school.

All orphans’ future or destiny depends on who discovers them especially those who become their caretakers. Caretakers only with the intervention of God see to the wellbeing of these orphans as some take these kids through the harshest moments of their lives through maltreatment and neglect. About 70% of these victims do not live by their own will as they are turned into punching bags and sex machines.

How can we minimize hackers and armed robbers in our societies today, when it has become the only means of survival for these orphans? How possible is it to minimize that of slay queens and prostitution when it’s the hub of hustle for the orphans as they run out of their supposed homes as they can’t stand the treatment given them?
95% of orphans who really want to go to school have no means; the brilliant but needy are also cut off by reason of they being brighter than the children of their guardians and thus are denied their chances to go to good schools and the manner with which even children of these guardians associate with orphans force them to prefer street life to that of home.

When they leave home, what is their future and destiny like? What can we do to help them? They never chose to be here in the first place neither did their parents decide to die. Under no circumstance will a parent take his own life with the notion of leaving their children behind but such is life. Due to desperation, no willingness from others to help them out, and the tag of they being orphans like it’s a crime or disease to be one; tSTACY M AMEWOYI he despair of public discussions with they being left out break their heart.
“We also demand some attention.
We ask for our own communities our own schools; we want to be part of the country and that of Africa. We want to play many major roles and help, therefore we are calling for attention. We call on the government of the nation, prophets, organizations and billionaires to wake up; give us a community, land or a place where orphans can also call their home. If we could as well get schools that goes for free for orphans, disabled and the poor we will make it. We are equally endowed with skills and only need a push to make our dreams a reality.” Stacy Amewoyi cries.
She demands platforms, foodstuffs, healthcare and insurance together with discounts for her people when they are to purchase a commodity. She asks for a working system to help poor people as it is done outside Africa. She’s advocating for a better society for orphans other than Sodom and Gomora and places in Agbogbloshie and Konkoma as she sees such places as no settlement for her people.


Stacy wants a conscious effort to be made in utilizing orphans in manufacturing companies as Ghana is aiming at producing its own products. She urges the government to put them to work, against their schooling as in; they school for free and after school, they work to pay off the fees they ought to pay when schooling which will reduce prostitution, armed robbery, fraud and hacking.

She also called on those who have survived the horror of being an orphan or ended up in good hands, and have made it in life, to look back for their own. “ Help somebody, step in for somebody, whether family or any going through the turmoil of survival, adopt someone just as it was done for you. Whatever in your little way you can do to help in your community, begin now. God will never exchange your wealth with theirs.
It sometimes disheartening when you give a helping hand to them; but just do your part in setting them up and a day will come they will remember you as part of their success stories.” Stacy indicated.
The philanthropist, calls on one voice for their own and the delete of that mentality of I suffered so the others should go through same statement. “We should try to make a difference. Let others know there is some goodness hidden in you. After the schooling and travelling and by grace you can have three square meals per day and even keep some in the fridge, please remember your folks out there are in need of same. Others want water and a place to lay their heads. Go to the fields, they are on the streets in the villages, find time to look for them and do them some good.”
The other means to get to the orphans according to Stacy is that “you can as well find organizations who are doing their jobs well and give to them your donations to impact lives. Don’t shy away of being and orphan, be proud of your scars as the Lord has brought you this far. Come out and speak hope into your folks, put smiles on their faces, encourage and empower someone on how you were able to make it to the top. Orphans are never good for nothing; neither are we non-survivals as concluded by others but are very smart and intelligent people like everybody else. Let’s wake up as unicorns and make this happen; we can fight the good fight and earn rightly for the rightful place in this country.”
Stacy M. Amewoyi is the author of the King’s Choice, a philanthropist who from the 20th to the 28th of December donated to..her other donations can be seen on Stacyfoundation.org as her hard work has been recognized in the USA as she has been awarded two awards this year as the

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