My ‘3B3FA’ song is much more powerful than numerous so-called gospel songs, says musician ABOATEA KWASI


A gospel song must inspire, educate, encourage, and motivate the listener. Most so called gospel songs of our time portray neither of the above.

The gospel is the good news, the one that can help the poor hearted to have hope, that is, the one that can lead the listener to the light.

According to the sensational singer, his ‘3b3fa’ song brings hope to those in tears, the sick, the unemployed, the unmarried, the childless, the imprisoned, those who have been denied Visa’s , among many others.

According to the Musician, most people don’t need money to resolve their problems but rather require words of motivation, words of hope, words of encouragement among others to help excel in one field or the other.

Although he’s an Afro-highlife artiste, the sensational musician insisted that most so- called gospel songs that are to bring hope and inspiration to the troubled hearted does not carry such messages any longer and hence, his ‘3b3fa’ song, although an Afro-highlife tune, brings hope and inspiration to the down hearted and those who have lost hope in life.


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