Promotion of music in this era massively defend on bloggers, DJs and presenters. Consistent airplay of a song, a lot of discussions about the song and bloggers writing about the song are some ways of promoting music in Ghana and across the globe.

The trend has been that top artistes who are known by the public are always having their ways through whiles the younger ones are neglected for one reason or the other.

The fact is that most of these DJs , presenters and bloggers refuse to air or publish songs from these up and coming ones since they, that is, the uprising stars cannot afford the extravagant demands made by these industry players such as sex mostly from female uprising arts, money, car, trips to Europe/Dubai,Qatar,etc. iPhone, watches, among many others.

As a result of these reasons among their likes, these musicians divert into other fields which they cannot excel better comparing to their music career.

Some of such arts have got very ‘good’ music that can stand the test of content, production, timing, etc.

For Ghana music, that of West Africa and Africa at large to grow, industry players such as DJs , presenters, bloggers, producers, etc. must help push younger talents as well and limit the demands.

Promoter koolic

Salia Ahmed (Promoter Koolic) Ghanaian Publicist and Brand expert based in Accra,Ghana. In 2010, promoter Koolic started professional public relations with Accra Based record label,HnBb Music,Promoter Koolic is the founder of Brainstorm Promotion,an entertainment service provider in the area of public relations,branding,production and consultation. Between 2013 and 2016,Promoter Koolic worked with Rivers fm and Brainstorm Studios. He is serving a number of boards in various capacity helping promoting show business in Ghana. He currently works with a good number of brands and artistes in Ghana and other parts of Africa and Europe. Mobile:+233570587299 E-mail:[email protected]

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