We Want Ghanaians To Be familiar With Our Songs, Hence We Fuse In Twi – De-Exit


It is implicitly normal for anybody to copy anything that is positive,especially when the copying is done well and that’s what Music duo De-Exit are doing.

Music duo De-Exit have reiterated the huge role Ghanaian sound and adding Twi lyrics in their songs played in shaping and helping their music career flourish.

De-Exit in an interview with Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM’s Showbiz Agenda show disclosed that their effort to add twi lyrics in their songs has really helped to attract Ghanaians to enjoy their songs.

“We realized that, people find it difficult to communicate with our English , so we thought fussing in twi lyrics and other local languages will help make communication to the masses very easy, that’s why we sing twi in most of our songs and doing that,has really helped us because we are highly accepted” – says De-Exit.

They however added that, they want to sound like Ghanaians because they’ve realized that the Ghanaian presenters at the radio stations and the DJ’s at the night clubs fancy playing more of the twi songs thus there’s the need for them to add twi lyrics in their song for them to be accepted by Ghanaians.

De-Exist are currently promoting their new song “Makola Babe’

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