Build a strong social media culture for your brand – Jonilar tells Musicians


Ghanaian blogger, content manager and Publicist, Jonilar has urged musicians and brands to develop a strong social media culture for their brands if they want to effectively grow their following in the new Internet space.

He made the post yesterday on his wall which says

“ Greetings from the West,

Organized trends on Twitter is gradually becoming a thing of the past because Twitter and their partners have detected the loopholes and filling them with sand + Dangote cement. Third party like Tweetdeck etc are all not functioning properly.

Even a with Tweet with multiple accounts on the same phone/Computer won’t even cross Alajo Bus stop because they’ve already figured out Your geolocation (Duplicated tweet 😬)

They are deliberately limiting posts so you can pay more for Ads. That’s why these days you see a lot of influential brands boosting their pages, YouTube etc to reach thousands out there. That one too is expensive considering the dollar rate and everything.

Trending  CEO of Heritage Promotions has bemoaned the lack of education on the part of those who constantly criticize the awards scheme

However, you can still have your way through by constantly engaging your core audience on these platforms. We the fans are always excited about your reactions; comments, likes, favorites and sometimes retweets. In cases where you don’t handle your own social media accounts, at least 4 times a week spend two hours to see what is going on because ebe here we dey oo ask Nii Armah.

You don’t come out of no where and expect your new song or product to trend within 24 hours when you don’t have all these in place .

Social media is all about content & influence so partners bloggers, social media influencers,content managers, plan your projects, engage audience on a wide range of topics to always keep your community buzzing. Most of the things you’re looking for are generic and can’t be achieved within a twinkle of an eye.


Social media is not everything but definitely the new order ! Learn the best way to market whatever you are selling. “

These tips are very strong and can go a long way to help not only musicians but all social media brands out there .


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