Euni Melo crack a stubborn KNUST crowd with an amazing performance.


What felt like Euni Melo wasn’t welcomed to perform at a drama that got over 1000 students gather in one hall become a whole love affair for the exciting young female reggae dancehall act.

Euni was initially tensed by the initial crowd reaction which felt like she was going to have a bad day until she spat her vocals out through the microphone, then the wondering crowd went gaga with an initial split reactions were the females got louder than the males until Melo gave out some twerk moves that got the entire crowd screaming to her popular single Obaanami.

The most exciting moment was when screams came from the crowd calling “Ebony” to give them more, well this wasn’t Ebony as they called out but Euni Melo the new sensation about to take charge of the genre.
Kindly view full performance below

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Euni Melo crack a stubborn KNUST crowd with an amazing performance


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