Celebrity Fashion designer Ellisha Boie of Boie&Bill releases his Christmas collection

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Celebrity Fashion designer Ellisha Boie of Boie&Bill fashion house drops a surprise collection “titled the Christmas season collection” which is made up of innovative African Print Tshirts and sweatshirts. Easy to wear and remove because it doesn’t have a button or zip at the neck side but an elastic neck which can stretch. And Can be worn for official and casual purposes.. The fashion brand since it’s inception has experimented with various looks and pushed the boundaries of what and how African Print designs should look like. With African Print Bomber jackets, sweatshirts, Tshirts etc The Christmas season collection can be ordered directly from the designers hotline whatsapp/ call 0542667000 whiles more of the looks of the collection can be viewed on instagram account @ellishaboie and Facebook “Ellisha Boie

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