Creative People should Practice Personal Development before thinking of National Development – Mixtic Writes


Creativity is a trait which can be well developed into a money making venture, across the world creative people have been among the top earners in the world where by such individuals make sure they protect their creativity and invest more into their craft to make fortunes.

Unfortunately in Ghana people struggle to make such amount of cash from their creativity because systems and structures don’t encourage such activities. One need to strive and grind in other to earn some cash from what is supposed to be their talent. 

National development is good but what happens if such developments don’t help you in developing your creativity? That would just leave you standing at one place without progress. In other to excel in your craft, you can practice the following as stated below.

1. Research & education, whether formal or informal one need to learn more about their craft through apprenticeship or academics just to acquire some level of understanding of what they do and how they can apply it.

2. Brand building, represent your creativity with an identity that comes in a form of name or logo which would attract people to your work, a brand can help people understand you better and the recognition of your brand can lead to high level of patronage.

3. Build a strong connect, you need to connect with stakeholders who have high interest in your type of creativity, link up with them, propose your ideas to them, attend seminars, meet people who have excelled in your line of activities and most importantly build a strong network.

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4. Marketing, doing anything in the hidden gives you less opportunity to be noticed, there lots of means to market your products these days. Advertising, social media and PR are among the lots that can be applied, take it upon yourself to begin with personal selling then use social media then grow it later with other solid media platforms. Kindly note that promotion is expensive and your budget tells how far your brand would reach.

In all stated above, please take necessary steps to improve your personal brand which would make you bank some good cash before thinking of how the nation is developed. No nation deals with weak brands.


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