It’s The Second Challenge ~ Face Of Photo Arena


This contest is basically about photoshoots!. Ways, at which something can be communicated through photos.

This is the first season of this contest and it is involving two countries which are Nigeria and Ghana.
This contest is going to be one in a billions,above all it going to be adventurous and so educative where we will have the various contestants to be camped and have various prominent people in the society to have some talk shows with them.

Winner and a runner up will be crowned at the end of the contest.
There would be special treats from one of our sponsors Ador Beauty Spar.
There would be products given out.
There will be a one year contract for the winner and a 6months contract for the runner up.
The winner and runner up will have the chance to go to Nigeria to witness the Calabar carnival and go on tour.
The winner will be featured in two movies having the lead role.
The will be a cash prize.

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This contest when started will be aired one day in the week on various tv stations.

There is a very big thing coming your way so stay tunned and let push this.

And also comment the names of your favourite contestant to keep her in the contest to get to the next stage.
There has been numerous competitions which are being held but there is one new one that is coming into existence which will be done annually.

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