Fast rising kumawood actress ‘Tina’ seen going out with her long time boyfriend.


Tina is known to be one of the leading characters in most of the Kumawood films

She has been featured in couple of movies which includes Book of wisdom,Magic pen,Ama pooley, Agya faky3 me,Blind prophet,Adult education,Captain adabuga,Tease awuo,Khona forest and many more.

She was also featured in Maame Wh3 which is one of the most talked about movies which is yet to hit the market.

Maame Wh3 would be premiered in December,But before that Tina is ongoing with her short series by name ”Titi and Shynes Dairy” in the short series Tina is known to be a married woman yet still she’s having an affair with a young man by name Shyne,
Pictures from the shoot:

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Also the person known as shyne is a long time friend of Tina we spotted some pictures of the two.

Check them out.

It seems the two have something in common would it be that they are indeed dating even as Tina is known to be a married woman.

We are all in suspense.

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