Shatta Michy Spills More ‘Dirty Secrets’ About Her And Shatta Wale | You Won’t Believe What They’re Fighting Over!

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Shatta Wale and Michy

Since last night and now this morning these two lovebirds have been at each other’s throats on social media, leveling one allegation after another.

Michy claims Shatta Wale is a domestic abuser and he claims she’s a drama queen and has been assaulting him.

With the history of these two we don’t really believe a word they’re saying but for whatever reason, they are prolonging this thing.

Michy has made a couple more posts on social media concerning this ‘fight’ and she’s revealing the ‘real reason’ behind their argument.

If this is no hype and Michy is indeed suffering all this abuse from the “Freedom” hitmaker and is being a typical Ghanaian woman by pretending all is well at home, making excuses for her abuser and putting on a happy family facade to the world, then an intervention is required before things get out of hand.

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