I have always had a Great working relationship with Lofty Fullpage – Mixtic


I have always had a Great working relationship with Lofty Fullpage – Mixtic

It is easy to identify your talent especially when it is relating to music but it is difficult to put your resources together and work towards its becoming reality. Lofty Fullpage has had the opportunity to meet the underground Zylofon CEO (Mixtic Romras).

Known for his love to help upcomings and shape the future of the industry,he has discover another genius which in reality bosts of good lyrical content and other qualities that sums up a good wrist.

In a conversation,he narrated:
It all started when I begun working with Gentlemenradio.

Frank Abeeku and Frederick Noamesi introduced his song to me when hosting the top ten countdown show on Gentlemenradio, that song was titled Agraeda, which did very well for a couple of weeks at th top and mostly at second place behind Ntekyere and CJ biggerman respectively.

He had a great style and an amazing brand, on and off the show I monitored some of his songs like Get Reason, Hammer, WO be Kumi , sefanke and MBE.

Great songs which has caught my attention and I think its necessary I play some role in his developing career.

I also want to commend Koolic Beatzgh for his input in the conversation.

I would do my best to help like I do for all other artistes, I only encourage lofty to work harder because his progress isn’t too far from being a superstar.

“Senior Harry, I think you can also check him out and judge for your self” Mixtic added.

Is impressive how he get his fans involved in whatever he does.

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Story: Mixtic

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