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Did Stonebwoy Call Shatta Wale A ‘Pig’ In This Interview? | WATCH

Don’t you ever think Stonebwoy does not know how to throw shades–He’s a boss in that department only that he loves to do it on low key–Yeah, he’s the leader of the ‘Low Key Gang’ chale.

There are allegations that Stonebwoy subtly mocked Shatta Wale with the size of his mouth on his Snapchat, a reason why Nii Armah Mensah (Shatta Wale na) got angry and decided to go on a dissing spree on him( Ya”ll know Wale never loved Gbee Nabu so reminding him haunts him, stapp it)

It seems, their beef is going to go on for a long time, as Stonebwoy has thrown another shade at Shatta Wale in an interview on Ghone’s ‘Rhythms show’

Stonebwoy who was speaking to Berla in that interview said that a name determines the kind of person one usually is and the fact that his real name ‘Livingstone’ and has a stone in it, proves why he has that charcater and that he’s a strong person.

He goes on to say;”Imagine I was named John, I could be a ‘jon’ (a jon is term used to describe an uncivilized fool in Ghana)

In a video that is fast going viral on social media, Stonebwoy is heard saying that he is lucky he is not called Charles because Charles means “Kpoto”. Kpoto is a Ga word which means pig!

Stonebwoy was being interviewed by Berla Mundi and he was asked to explain this stage name “Stone”. He stated that his real name is Livingstone Satekla so he picked the last part of his first name “Stone” as his stage name.

He added that since he is called Stone, he is strong and can survive anything. He added that, if he was called John, he may have faded from the industry or if he is called Charles, he may be acting someway.

When Berla asked what he means by “Acting Someway”, Stonebwoy said, “But we all know Charles is Kpoto”. Considering how dirty, unhygienic, loud and all sort of other undesirable things a pig is, nobody will love to be referred to as a pig.

He goes on to say; ” or maybe If I was called Charles, I would be acting like something else”

Berla who couldn’t help but laugh when he said that, asked; “Oh why”

And Stonebwoy comes in; “s3 Charles dierrr Kploto”

Okay, so let me explain this. In Ga language, ‘Kploto” means Pig and we all know how pigs are right? Very dirty animals who hate to be clean. Bath a pig now, and it would get into the dirt again—They just love to get ‘dirty’ for no reasons. They are regarded as filthy animals although they are soo sweet when eating them.

Now what’s Shatta Wale’s real name?

Charles Nii Armah Mensah!

And in Ghana, we refer pigs too as ‘Bra Charles”—- Now you get the drift? Or still, you nor dey get am? Yeah, Stonebwoy is like that, he disses subtly, he may not mention your name directly, but you don’t need to know how to understand how rockets work to know he’s dissing you.

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