Obviously ‘High’ Angel Obinim Shamelessly Lies To His Congregation That He Went On A Weekend Visit To Heaven | WATCH


Bishop Daniel Obinim must either be a sociopath or delusional because to lie so smoothly to his congregation with such conviction is amazing.

Many times he has claimed powers far beyond his abilities which we’ve all heard of, but this time he’s going far and beyond anything he’s ever claimed.

Speaking with his congregation, Obinim tells them that he flew to heaven the previous weekend where he received a rousing welcome from the angels.

Seriously! According to Obinim, who must surely be high on something to make such claims, the angels even composed a song for him to show how he is God’s favorite angel and Obinim proceeded to sing the song to the congregation, who believed every lying word he said.

Obinim even said he met the devil, who told him he is the pastor he fears most in this country.

Looking at that congregation, eagerly drinking in every word of this charlatan, it’s easy to see why Ghana is such a mess if that’s the kind of citizenry we have.

Watch the video below…



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