I regret spending £50,000 on my wedding

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There’s a box at the top of my wardrobe that I’ve only opened once. It contains the most expensive piece of clothing I’m ever likely to own. Beautifully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and boxed with a bow for storage, almost certainly never to be worn again. My wedding dress. As far as cost-per-wear goes, it’s not good.

I’ve taken it out once since my wedding day in 2007, to remind myself of what it felt like to put all one’s hopes, dreams and excitement into a single day.

I bought the dress, a lace gown, for £5,000 from an ultra-exclusive bridal boutique where the assistants were terrifyingly brisk. It was the most I’d ever spent on anything in my life – and that was without the silk veil, jewelled headdress, bespoke underwear, designer shoes, make-up, going-away outfit, hairdresser and brand-new scent which would remind me forevermore of the day.

Expensive wedding

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