‘Angel’ Obinim Now Claims He Has A ‘Children’s Warehouse’ Where He Gives Out Children To Barren Women | WATCH

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‘Angel’ Obinim is back with a claim no less absurd than any he’s ever made.

This time, he’s claiming that he possesses a spiritual baby warehouse where he can give out children to barren women who come to him with their problems.

Obinim has claimed numerous powers in the past but this is a ‘cool’ new one we guess. A lady who appeared in his church who was reportedly barren was given a child by the preacher.

According to Obinim, the child was in his baby warehouse always crying he wants to come into the world, therefore, he’s not surprised the woman gave birth to that particular child.

Very soon ‘Angel’ would be telling us that he’s able to travel to hell and lash the devil in his own backyard.


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