Cluesless Media people Imitating Pimpim Police-Mixtic laments


Cluesless Media people Imitating Pimpim Police-Mixtic laments

Pimpim police the industry police is a satiric brand created by Mixtic to help pass information to music lovers about things happening in the industry. But some people are reproducing the term to suit themselves instead of acknowledging the right source of the name.

Known as Pimpim Police the industry police, Mixtic have been the the sole backbone of upcoming artists in the country. His love and dedication to Ghana music can be described as the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Earlier this year, reported that Mr Eazi is planning to release an album titled Major Pimpim following the Pimpim Police album released by Mixtic last year.

The industry which the media plays a pivotal role has abandoned the use of copyright in their works,but rather taking an advantage of any opportunity to blow.

Another media platform labeled XY planet have also claim to be Music police without given credit to the industry Police. A brand well built and others taking advantage of it to make money?

Speaking to Mixtic, the lensradio presenter expressed how furious he was when he saw it. Firstly it was Konkonsa police,Political police,Major Pimpim
“Sesei di3 music police”! Mixtic

Is it right for the media to be imitating people’s brand and not bringing original things?

Story: Prince Harry

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