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The Public is hereby informed that the Commission of Inquiry into the Creation of New Regions Established by the President under CI 105 will hold public hearings in the Northern Region from 13th to 25rh March, 2018 at the following Venue, Date and Time.

1. Public Hearing at Radach Lodge Events, Tamale- *13th March, 2018* @10:00am

2. Public Hearing at Damongo SHS Assembly Hall, Damongo West Gonja District- *14th March, 2018* @ 10:00am

3. Public Hearing at Central Gonja District Assembly Hall, Buipe, Central Gonja District – *15th March, 2018* @ 10:00am

4. Public Hearing at Bole Senior High School Dining Hall, Bole, Bole District- *17th March, 2018* @ 10:00am

5. Public Hearing at Community Center, Sawla, Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District
*18th March, 2018* @ 10:00am

6. Public Hearing at Salaga Senior High School Assembly Hall, Salaga East Gonja District- *19th March, 2018* @ 10:00am

7. Public Hearing at Radach Lodge Events, Tamale- *20th March, 2018* @10:00am

8. Public Hearing at Nalerigu Senior High School Assembly Hall- Nalerigu, East Mamprusi District- *21st March, 2018* @10:00am

9. Public Hearing at Calvary Assemblies of God Church, Bunkpurugu, Bunkpurugu Yunyoo District *22nd March, 2018* @10:00am

10. Public Hearing at Yagaba Senior High School Assembly Hall- Yagaba, Mamprugu- Moagduri District- *24th March, 2018* @10:00am

11. Public Hearing at Walewale Secondary/ Technical Senior High School Dining Hall- Walewale, West Mamprusi District- *25th March, 2018* @10:00am

NB: The public is further informed that the public hearing on Tuesday 13th March, 2018 in Tamale will be restricted to discussions on the petition from the Overlord and people of Gonja Traditional Area.

The petition from the Overlord and the people of the Mamprugu Traditional Area will be discussed at the public hearing in Tamale on Tuesday 20th March, 2018.

Persons who wish to appear before the Commission may do so at the venues and times indicated above.

Jacob Saah, Secretary to Commission


1. The DCE’s for Bole and Sawla-Tuna-Kalba and the Chiefs and people of Bole and Kong Traditional Areas have liased with Nkilgi FM at Bole to do massive publicity before the public hearings of the Commission of Inquiry. We will work to ensure that the meeting Halls are filled to capacity.

2. I Mahama Haruna (General Manager of Nkilgi FM) wish to announce that by popular request from some prominent people in Gonjaland, Nkilgi FM at Bole, which covers the Bole, Sawla-Tuna-Kalba and some parts of West Gonja and Central Gonja Districts will do a live transmission of the of the public hearings in Tamale (13th March, 2018), Damongo, Buipe, Bole, Sawla and Salaga.

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